Why Sheep Cheese?

Besides the exquisite taste there are many nutritional benefits of sheeps’ milk and other products, such as cheese.

  • Sheep milk contains Vitamins A, B, D & E which are all essential to good health and are the most common supplements purchased to ensure daily dietary requirements are met. There’s no need to include supplements in your diet if you are getting your recommended dose of vitamins naturally through your favourite foods such as sheep milk and cheese!
  • Sheep milk can contain up to three times more protein than cow or goat milk. Because of the exceptional levels of protein, sheep milk should only be given to babies if professionally modified and recommended, however nursing mothers have been proven to benefit greatly from it’s high nutritional values.
  • The calcium levels in sheep milk are double that found in cows’ milk! It’s true: sheep milk and milk products are the best source of calcium because the Vitamins A & D and potassium levels are considerably higher than in cow and goat milk.
  • Lactose intolerant? Then consider sheep milk products as your alternative. There is scientific evidence that proves the lactose in sheep milk is far more tolerated than that from other milks, even for those severely lactose intolerant.
  • It’s never too late to benefit from the nutritional values of sheeps’ milk. It helps to develop bone density in children and halts further bone loss due to calcium deficiency experienced by the more elderly.

Ewe and lambThese are just a few of the many facts on sheep milk and we encourage you to visit any of the following websites for more information or better still, try sheep milk products today and reap the nutritional benefits!

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