Carolyn Davidson

Carolyn DavidsonCarolyn has always held a passion for gourmet cheese, claiming “Cheese is milk seeking immortality”. Carolyn took this love to a new level several years ago by completing a variety of cheese-making courses and creating her own cheeses. Instantly these became a hit amongst family and friends.

Sheep have always held a special place in Carolyn’s heart, having grown up on her family property in Western Queensland’s Merino sheep country, and later helping her husband run his family property at Longreach. Carolyn’s love of sheep and cheese making brought Towri Sheep Cheesery to life in 2005.

The Towri Sheep Cheesery now houses some of the world’s best milk-producing sheep breeds and produces only the finest sheep cheeses. The art of cheese-making allows Carolyn to persistently push the boundaries and create ever-improving exquisite cheeses and yoghurt.

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