Photography By Dallas Davidson

If you’re looking for a country experience that’s not too far out of the way, you will love our tour and cheese tasting at Towri Sheep Cheesery. A morning consists of a milking demonstration, substantial cheese tasting, tea and locally grown coffee, and learn about the basics of sheep cheese making from cheese maker Carolyn Davidson, including a discussion on the differences between sheep, cow and goat cheese.

While you are here grab the opportunity to take some fantastic photos and feed our much loved lambs and pet sheep, the kids love this part!

Considering the seasonal nature of our industry the best time to visit the Cheesery is between April and December each year. We can comfortably cater for groups of all sizes, from individuals to large groups.

Tour cost isĀ $32 per adult (for groups of under 30 people)

Bus Tours and Senior groups $28 per adult (for groups of 30+ people)

Prices for children will be age dependent and can be discussed when booking.

Our tour includes a milking demonstration, sheep cheese tastingĀ platter, tea and locally grown coffee, and access to the Towri Homestead gardens. Pellets and milk will be supplied to those wishing to feed our lambs and sheep. Our farm fresh, cheeses will of course also be available for purchase.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment to visit. We look forward to hearing from you and working closely with you to ensure your group experiences a fantastic morning at our family-owned and -operated farm.

Photography By Dallas Davidson
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